Moody’s Wells

634 N. Berwick Rd
Wells, ME 04090
t: 207-646-2448 | f: 207-646-2772

In 2017, Moody’s Collision Centers expansion continued in Wells, acquiring S & J Collision, in order to serve a wider customer base. 

Members of our team include:

  • Don Grenier, Facility Manager.
  • Tameka Dexter, Customer Service Representative.
  • Kevin Mosser, Production Manager.










We work with our Customers and All Insurance Companies. Our experienced co-workers will assist you through the claims and repair process. Thank-you for choosing Moody's Collision Centers.

Help! My car was in an accident!


"Tameka was extremely helpful. I haven't been in an accident in years. I had no idea what I was getting into. She made it so seamless! Tameka is the best!!

- Theresa 12 Altima

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