Dedicated to the Environment

Moody’s has worked with Efficiency Maine to improve its energy efficiency. We’ve installed efficient (variable frequency drive) motors on our air compressors to run our air-powered tools, replaced our spray booth equipment, and upgraded to more efficient fluorescent lighting for the work areas. Four of the five locations utilize radiant heat in the floors, as well as supplementing with waste oil heaters in the Gorham and Scarborough facilities.

Moody’s is also the first auto-body business in Maine to achieve Environmental Leader status for its voluntary certification in the Maine Environmental Results program. This program assists auto-body businesses to go beyond compliance and use pollution prevention technologies to reduce environmental impacts. Vacuum sanding systems for capturing particulate matter and computerized paint mixing systems for precisely determining paint requirements (and thus minimizing waste) are examples of the pollution prevention practices.

Management for environmental performance is one of the many aspects of Moody’s as a small business. Shawn Moody participated in the 2008 Governor’s Energy Summit as a small business speaker. According to Shawn, “We have long been believers in saving energy and conserving resources and we’ve found it actually makes not only environmental sense, but economic sense as well. The programs in the DEP’s Office of Innovation & Assistance are a great resource for us.” Moody’s co-workers and customers are directly impacted by reducing energy costs in the business.

Our partnership with Efficiency Maine has helped us to maximize our energy efficiency and minimize our impact on the planet. We all have a stake in the environment and our efforts include:

  • Use of efficient lighting: all compressors, lighting & HVAC meet Efficiency Maine specifications. Our equipment features VFD (variable frequency drive) motors to maximize performance and minimize energy use.
    • Replaced T-12 fluorescent fixtures with energy saving T-8 and T-5 fixtures
    • Installed controls on exterior lighting, including installation of motion sensors and time clocks on exterior parking lots and security lighting
    • Installed thermostat timers
  • Use of waterborne base coats (all locations have been converted since 2010)
    • Using waterborne paint has lowered Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) by 40%. This improves air quality and the health and safety of Moody’s co-workers
    • Waterborne paints are generally easier to apply and clean up
    • Some waterborne paints allow over spray to be recovered and recycled, effectively increasing transfer efficiency
  • Recycling
    • All sheet metal is recycled
    • All cardboard is recycled
    • All Freon is evacuated and recycled
    • All waste oil is utilized for heat

We work with our Customers and All Insurance Companies. Our experienced co-workers will assist you through the claims and repair process. Thank-you for choosing Moody's Collision Centers.

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